NBA Game - Philadelphia Sixers

Mar 5, 2019, 5:00 pm11:00 pm


Event Description

The PDC is organizing a bus trip to Philadelphia to see the Philadelphia Sixers play against the Orlando Magic on Tuesday March 5 at 7PM (the bus will leave Princeton around 5PM).  PDC will provide the bus, and attendees will have to pay for their own ticket to the game (about $30 each).  We’ll all sit together.  The Sixers are a great and exciting team this year, featuring international stars Joel Embiid (from Cameroon) and Ben Simmons (from Australia).

Seats on the bus are limited and claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis by RSVP now.  If you’d like to claim your seat, please send an email to [email protected] with at least the following info:

1.Your name, and the names of any other postdocs you are RSVPing on behalf of (and would like to sit near).  Spouses/partners are also invited.  At the moment, we can’t open it up to non-postdoc friends, but we may open it up later if there is extra room on the bus.

2.Whether you have (a) Venmo (b) PayPal (c) neither?


If you’d like to bring your children, then in addition to the info requested below, please also cite (1) how many children you’ll be bringing (2) how many of them will need a bus seat and a ticket? (The bus may not be back to Princeton until 11PM or so. Children under two years of age do not necessarily require a ticket for most events but (if not) will be required to sit on the lap of a paying customer.)