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Pitching Your Project: A Two-Part Workshop on Effective Proposals

Even experienced researches find funding proposals difficult to write. One challenge is that proposals present a Catch-22: Although reviewing proposals is the best way to learn to write them, only researchers who have successfully written them are invited to serve on review committees. In this workshop, we’ll circumvent the paradox by using readers’ expectations of language, science, and argument to analyze the elements of effective proposals. How do proposals compare to other scientific documents? How do the various parts fit together?

Job Application Clinic with Princeton Writes

Get a job! It’s time to work on your job and fellowship applications, but where do you begin? Who can help? We can! 

In partnership with the Postdoctoral Council, Princeton Writes will offer a “Job Application Clinic.” Schedule a thirty-minute appointment to review your CV, Cover Letter, or teaching statement before you send it out into the world. Receive personal feedback and guidance in starting your first draft or polishing your documents just before you hit send.

Princeton Research Day

We invite you to apply to Princeton Research Day, to be held May 10, 2018. PRD showcases independent research from across the university and gives presenters valuable experience communicating their ideas to an excited audience of students, faculty, staff, and the community at large.
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