COVID-19 Resources

We hope you and your loved ones doing well these days. All of us are still adjusting to working from home and as there hasn’t been any specific communication by the university regarding postdocs, we’re trying to summarize the most important resources for postdocs here (generally speaking, if the university writes “staff”, they mean postdocs as well).

The Princeton COVID-19 resources website has general information on well-being resources, care providers, financial resources, spiritual resources as well as work conitinuity and entertainment ides like free concerts and books.


Everything regarding research, including as detailed Q&A can be found on the website of the Dean of Research.

Social Events

All on-campus social activities have been suspended, but slowly more and more vitual events are being organized. As for the regular postdoc events, we’re looking into restarting the PDC seminar as a zoom event and maybe adding some social events as well. Let us know if you have an idea or want to help out!

The Princeton Vitural Community Building events are open to postdocs as well. 


Postdocs do not have access to McCosh and must seek primary care services through their Princeton or private insurance provider. We suggest to contact your insurance carrier for a list of participating providers in the area. Should you have additional questions regarding health insurance and primary care services for post docs, you can also contact the Benefits department of Human Resources at 258-3302.

COVID-19 testing

If you have concerning symptoms or exposures that make you think you have coronavirus, as a benefits-eligible faculty or staff member, you and your eligible dependents now have access to VitalCheck—Doctors in Your Office, a resource available to conduct screening and, if appropriate, facilitate testing for COVID-19. The cost is covered 100% by your health insurance. You need not be enrolled in a Princeton medical plan to utilize this service.

If you meet specific criteria, VitalCheck—Doctors in Your Office will send you a coronavirus lab kit. This is not a home test kit; it is a lab test, the same test that is conducted at state public drive-through stations. A physician will call to guide you and oversee the collection of the specimen and process for delivery of your specimen to the lab. Results are being returned within 48–72 hours.
If you are being tested for COVID-19, or someone in your household is being tested for COVID-19, you must notify University Health Services (UHS) by emailing so UHS can begin contact tracing. 

If you have any questions, call Vital Check—Doctors in Your Office at (646) 450-7751.

Time Off Options for Staff Due to COVID-19

If you get sick or are unable to work from home, check out your options on this website.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (e.g., Carebridge) offers counseling during these difficult times.

International Postdocs

If your visa expires soon or if you have other questions regarding visas or immigration options, check out this announcement by the Davis International Center and their event calendar. They also offer virtual zoom walk-in hours and appointments. Please read the Davis IC newsletter for the latest events and important announcements.

For questions about filing your income taxes please refer to the Global Financial Services web site.

Career Development

If you decide that this is the perfect time to explore career options outside of academia, Kate Hammond at the Center for Career Development provides individual career advising appointments for postdocs.  She can help you define your career exploration, develop an action plan for your job search, coach you to expand your network, convert your CV into a resume, build a LinkedIn profile, write a targeted cover letter, and prepare for your next step. It is never too early to start. To make a 30 minute phone or Skype appointment with Kate, e-mail your resume and a brief note regarding what you would like to discuss to