Call For Speakers - PDC Seminars

We are looking for volunteers to speak at our 2019/20 PDC Seminar Series.

We will try again to have two speakers for each seminar date. As a speaker, you give a 20-25 min talk, which is followed by questions and  accompanied by lunch. PDC seminars are attended by postdocs 
across many different departments and we encourage our speakers to  present their projects in generally intelligible manner.

This is a good  chance to practice a public talk in front of a 'non-expert' audience!

The available dates are:
Nov 7th 2019, Dec 5th 2019

Jan 9th 2020, Feb 6th 2020, Mar 5th 2020, April 2nd 2020, May 7th 2020, Jun 4th 2020, Jul 2nd 2020

The time is always from 12:00 to 1:00 pm.
If interested, please email us at and